Heins Drosselmeyer is an OC created by Endeavory.

Template:InfoboxHeins is the son of the mysterious Herr Drosselmeyer, a respected city councilman and inventor. Ever since he was little, Heins has been able to see the world in unusual ways, as though there was a secret version of people's everyday lives. It would be nice if that secret world was always bright and cheerful, but it has a lot of dark shadows.

Personality Edit

There's nothing Heins loves more than a good story, and he has a gift for telling them. When he gets going, it's like being inside of a dream. But, when it comes to talking about himself, this boy is a shrinking violet. He counts on his friends to be patient and understanding, and to not take people at face value. It also helps if they're not squeamish about rats, and don't mind strange happenings in the middle of the night.

Appearance Edit

Heins is tall and thin, with a long nose and grey eyes. He has blonde hair that falls over an eye patch he wears on the right side, and he rarely smiles. He dresses in muted shades of blue and purple, preferring old-fashioned suits with cravats and ruffled sleeves. He never goes anywhere without his satchel, but you'd be hard-pressed to find out what he keeps in there.

Fairy Tale Edit

The Nutcracker was a story originally written by E.T.A. Hoffman and later adapted by Alexandre Dumas before becoming the ballet that most people are familiar with. Hoffman was comparable to Hans Christian Anderson, but preferring more gothic subject matter and avoiding neat moral lessons at the end of his stories. Many of his fables were adapted into ballets, often becoming classics of the stage.

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