Here is Hayley-O'-Rushes's diary

Just about to hit the hay.........

So before it is about to struck midnight now, I am early packing now to my first year in a high school (Not just any high school, a boarding school!) So now I am finally fourteen, a day after orientation, now I am finally wondering about high school: Does Ever After High more exiting than ordinary high schools I see on TV, where I see passing by me when going to places? Since this is my Fresh man year, Leo ( son of the Cowardly lion) told me all about Ever After High. He told me about the school teachers, the enchanted forest, village of book end and students there. He talk about friends he meet over there, some students that have amazing "Magic" touches like the girl that can pull out anything out of her hat. He told me something I can't understand: Legacy day/year. He told me that students pledge to their destinies since last year before summer is his second year of Ever After High. Is legacy day/year scary? What if my second year in Ever After High got more scarier........what will happen if I am absent on legacy day.........what if I don't make my pledge....... Oh, my grimm! It is midnight! Night, night everyone! Time for me to hit the hay! (Means go to sleep).

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