Harper Harmonia is the daughter of the self-playing Golden Harp from the tale of Jack and the Bean Stalk.


Harper is a gentle and caring person who enjoys music and singing. Harper can make any musical sound without any instruments.


Harper has golden brown hair in curls, with gold make-up, a gold and brown top, a tan skirt and gold harp-styled heel boots.




Parents StoryEdit

Jack and the Bean Stalk




Silver Goose

​Secret Heart's DesireEdit

To start my own band.

My "Magic" TouchEdit

My music can draw people to me.

My Storybook RomanceEdit

I hate to say this but Prince Henry is cute

​My "Oh Curses!" MomentEdit

Sometimes my music can hypnotize people, mainly Tiny, into fits of obsession.

Favorite SubjectEdit

Muse-ic Class, for obvious reasons.

​Least Favorite SubjectEdit

Grimm-nastics, I seem to lack in the art of running.

Best Friend Forever AfterEdit

Cookie Gingers and Eyelet S. Tailors



Jillian Stalk and Collin Leonis


A small gold dove named Treble is alaways by my side, he loves to sing with me.

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