Harley Huntsman is a bubbly girl that adores animals! She can't help but heal every animal she sees! Harley is like her big brother, Hunter but in a female way. Both have an interest in animals, both of them don't mind Royals and when they both do a speech, their voice sounds clear and full of interest. Harley can be a bit of a sly one when it comes to helping her brother capturing animals (not in a bad way) and in other activities. She believes making your own fairytale is a good thing. 


Harley's father is The Huntsman and her sibling is Hunter Huntsman. Harley and Hunter used to live in a forest full of wildlife until they discovered Ever After High. Harley owns a squirrel called Chip (named after a Disney chipmunk/squirrel character..cuz I said so) who acts like a proper Rebel and likes to follow his own path. 


Harley is currently single, since she has been at Ever After High for five days. She is bisexual and has a slight crush on Kitty Cheshire (cuz I said so XD). 

Best FriendsEdit

Harley only has two friends. One of her besties is her brother. She loves him so much and they both enjoy causing mischief together. Her other friend is Ashylnn Ella. It all happened when it was her first day at a new school. Hunter bumped into her in the school corridor and introduced Harley to Ashylnn. Ashylnn thought Harley was really friendly for a Rebel so then they became best friends. 


  • She owns her own MirrorPad 
    Wanna Piece Of Me 13
  • She owns her own Mirror Blog
  • She is quiet at first
  • She owns a squirrel like her brother
  • She used to be home-schooled
  • She loves attending Ever After High
  • She doesn't mind Royals, since she is friends with one..


"Hello everybody, I'm Harley Huntsman and I wanna follow my father's footsteps! Hunting and healing critters so they don't pass away! I reckon everybody should have a Happily Ever After and I wish you all luck for the future with your Prince Charmings and whatnot!" 

"Thank goodness you're here Hunter! I've got my hand stuck in the vending machine!!" 

"You're kinda crazy for a student.." 

"You're a Rebel too? Awesome! So, uh..what's your name?" 

"Hey Kitty~" 

"You're part wolf? to hear that! Don't worry..I won't tell anyone! I'll swear down on my pet's life!"

Mirror BlogEdit

Ever After High is spot on so far! Made a new friend with a Royal. Yeah, she's a Royal, and I'm a Rebel..IDC!

I'm just choosing all the vegan choices here..

Hunter totally flipped just now because I nearly dropped his MirrorPad. It's because I'm helping him with this super hard game which I'm really hexcellent at!

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