Quotation1 Dont judge a hedgehog by its quills... Quotation2

Hannah is the daughter of Hans My Hedgehog from the story of the same name by the Brothers Grimm. She is following her destiny, but she doesnt mind to change a few things. 



Hannah is a princess who doesnt ask for much. Sure she is spoiled with gifts, but she never really asked for them. She is nice, but she is accused of being someone like Apple White. She tries to say she isnt spoiled but it never works since she gets new things every day from her parents. She wants to follow her destiny as a new queen but she doesnt want to be spoiled like one. 


Hannah has short silky brown hair with bright blue eyes. She also has pointed little ears and hedgehog quills sticking out on her arms and legs. 


Hans My Hedgehog



Hans My Hedgehog- The FatherEdit

Hannah loves her father very much, but she is a bit aggrovated the way he spoils her with presents and gifts she never asked for. They always spend time together by playing the bagpipes together. 




Hannah is single, but she knows she has ever after to be with her prince charming, who ever they picked. She admits she tries to guess who is the prince charming from her story, but she always ends up to be wrong. 


  • Her last name Erinace comes from the scientific name for hedgehog, Erinaceinae