Hane Ongaeshi
File:Hane Ongaeshi.jpg
Character Profile
Parent Story Tsuru no Ongaeshi
Age 17
Alignment Rebel
Roommate Currently Vacant
Secret Heart's Desire I feel like I never know what's going to happen next. Like any minute somebody's going to walk in on me and going to say "Time to change back!"
My "Magic" Touch Does being tall count? I am a bit persuasive, and I can change into a bird....
Storybook Romance Status HAHA nice one.... oh you were serious. I'm destined to fall in love, then leave him stranded.
Oh "Curses!" Moments When I get a little to cocky and draw attention.
Favourite Subject

None. Mother already taught me everything I need to know until after leagues after Legacy Year. This is nothing.

Least Favourite Subject Damsel-In-Distressing. I am NOT going to beat myself to death!
Best Friends Forever After Friends are for the needy. I grew up without family. I'm very indepeendant.
[1]If I had beauty, all would love me. But when it leaves,                                                   so will they[2]
                                  — Hane Ongaeshi's personal quite

Hane Ongaeshi is the daughter of the crane in Tsuru no Ongaeshi. She is cocky, persuasive, and a little bit down to earth. She definitely never sugar coats anything.Edit


Hane or "Gae" has orangy eyes. Her hair is a golden brown with a rough red chunk of hair (NOT SHOWN.) She has pale skin and the appearance of blushing.

Fairy Tale: Tsuru no Ongaeshi (The Crane's Repayment of Kindness Recieved)Edit

Basic Summary

There once was a young man coming home. He rescued a dying crane and went home. There he met a woman. He became her wife. She would weave and he would sell her fabrics....

Read her story  here

Listen to her story here Relationships


Gae has no known living family. But her mother was a majestic crane...


Gae has no friends. This is because she doesn't believe that she needs friends, and that if she does, she can only hurt them.


She has a pet silkworm named Len that she carries around in her dress.


When your mothers and fathers fail, time to seek out the future. That means moving in a flock of one.



Gae's basic outfit is a kimono like dress, but shorter. The top half is a rich purple with a golden sash. The botten is an orangy brown and patterned. Her shoes are japanese-style sandals with wedges.


If I had beauty, all would love me. But when it leaves, so will they                      - 

If I were no longer human, all would fade away from me


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