Quotation1 Do not let a monster bite off the hand that you will use to kill it with. Quotation2
Handas' personal Quote

Hallo me name is Handas. Me father fought the feirce beast, the kelpie. Me fairytale partner is Kelly Loch


She would be voiced by Emily Watson who voiced Victoria Everglot from The Corpse Bride. Handas' live action portrayer would be Bella Thorne.


Handas has a selfish rotten personality, because she knows she will have a happy ending, except losing her 9 siblings. She does not care about her partner having to take her life to make it so she has a happily ever after. She already has her future planned out. She will live happily with her sailor while her poor Partner mourns to death in the dephs of Loch Ness. She spends her time with the royals, and shuns the Rebels, because she says that they are jealous outcasts.She thinks that her partner is a royal. She also over excagerates her role in her story, she just has to cut off her hand to escape the kelpie's adhesive skin.                                                                                                                                                      


She has orange curly hair, green eyes, pale skin, soft pink lips, usually dressed in plaid and a broach simbolizing a knife (for when she has to cut off her hand) and shoes with heels shaped like knives. 


Her fairy tale story is The Kelpie. (linked on kelly's page.)


Family She would rather go shopping than hang out with her dad.


She only hangs out with the Royals


Handas is currently trying to find a sailor boy to love her.