Hailey Huntsman is the daughter of the huntsman, it is unknown if it's the huntsman from Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White.



Hailey is a really kind and caring girl. However, she has some temper on herself and she's very impatient. Hailey is very strong and tough, she loves animals and wandering in the woods. She is very creative and good in crafts. Hailey takes alot of things seriously and she's always there to help and cheer up friends. She is against her destiny because she wants a bigger role in her story. She stands up for herself and her friends and she is quite brave. She is a fond of wilderness and she always love to smile, but she can get annoyed very easily.


Hailey's hair is dark brown, but a little lighter from her brother and it is half shaved. She has green eyes and the same skin tone like her brother, but it is a little lighter. Her height is excatly like Ashlynn Ella's. She also has freckles and a small scartch under her right eye.



Hailey's hair is loose and all pulled to a side. She wears a dark jade green-brown dress that reaches a little bit above her knees. She wears a cut fur hood which is dark brown and is sleeve-less. She wears dark brown boots and it's heels are jade-brown, just like her dress, and at the top of the boots, there is dark brown fur.

She wears a brown fur wrist-warmer and she has a long white bandage one her right arm. She wears axe-shaped earings.



Hailey is the daughter of the huntsman, it is unknown if he is the huntsman from Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood. She is the sister of Hunter Huntsman.


Rosaline Croakington and Ashlynn Ella are Hailey's best friend for ever after. Hailey is also best friends with Penelope Pea, her room-mate. And she is seen talking to Briar Beauty, Blondie Lockes, and Cerise Hood. But she does have little 'chit-chats' with Raven Queen and Madeline Hatter. Not to mention, she is also seen walking around with Dexter Charming and Hopper Croakington II.


Hailey has no enemies but she finds girly girls extremely dumb and annoying. But she's 'frenemies' with Briar because Hopper is more interested in her.


Hailey is single and she gets no romance in her story, and she acts like she isn't interested in finding herself 'romance', but she actually hides a secret that she wishes to have romance one day and she struggles to hide very, very, very strong feelings for Hopper Croakington II.

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