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Guile behind peoples backs.

Guile Shepherd is a 2013-introduced character. Guile is the son of boy who cried wolf from the story of the same name. Despite all odds, he is a royal.

Guile was originally created by Little Miss Nobody, but she gave him up and Grimm Master adopted him.



He is annoying. I will continue this later.


He is short for his age and is a real cutie, which bugs him to no end. He has brown hair and large brown eyes that seem to always be sparkling with mischief. Guile has round rosy cheeks, to much with his cute appearance. He stands on his tippy toes when around other students. Guile is rather pulmp, a nice way in saying he is fat.

Fairy Tale Fable - The Boy Who Cried Wolf

How the Story Goes

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

How does Guile Tie Into It?

Guile's father was magically brought back to life by the little mermaid because why not?  



Guile is the son of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He's an only child and likes it that way. He wants all his parents attention at all times, which isn't hard on his mother's part as he's still looks and acts like her little boy.


His best friend forever after is the son of Little Boy Blue, Colbolt Little, tiny tales have to stick together in a school as large as Ever After High.


He owns a sheepdog named Bullard, he's a whole lot bigger than him. It's speculated that it's so the dog can guard him and his future sheep at all times. Unlike his owner, he's honest and loyal to a fault but his owner always comes first.


Guile would rather stay away from romance.



Guile Shepherd wears clothes that resembles shepherd's clothing.


  • The word 'guile' is synonymous to 'trickery' or 'deceit'. Referencing to how The Boy Who Cried Wolf "tricked" or "deceived" the villagers in the story. His dog Bullard's name also shares the same meaning.\
  • Like the Crumb cousins, he's smaller in size the rest of the student body at Ever After High.
  • The creator without shame thinks Guile is adorable.
  • A good voice actress for Guile would be Tara Strong, the voice of Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents.


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