Gleeful Ever After is Ever After High's resident glee club. So far, the members are: Thistle Remorso, Ratty, Abigail Thief, Choyaku Usagi, Siren Song, Aleta Dance, Crimson White, Kelly Loch, Rolana Candlewick, Dobrya Kos, Delly, Willow Maid, Chanticleer Cockerel, Avalon Pendragon , Elizabeth Nimble and Beatrice Stone.


Glee Club Admins Edit





Themes and Songs Edit

Theme 1: Disney Songs:

Crimson White-Best thing I Ever Needed

Ikimono Tanuki-Fabulous

Abigail Thief-When Will My Life Begin

Aleta Dance-I Won't Say I'm In Love

Dobrya Kos-It Will Be Me

Chanticleer-I Want It All

Kelly Loch-Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

Rolana Candlewick-Transformation

Siren Song-Part of Your World

Willow Maid-Let It Go

Yin Yétīng-Hakuna Matata

Sir Ratty-Sally's Song

Thistle Remorso-I Just Can't Wait To Be King

Duet With Ratty and Thistle-I See The Light

Duet With Ikimono and Ratty-Poor Unfortunate Souls

Requests Edit

((If you want your OC to join, put it in the requests. If you want to be a singing voice for a character in the glee club, leave a video or recording of you singing on the glee club's admin's message walls))

I want to let my character Lisa Hearts join the glee club.-Alexa

Can Elizabeth Nimble Join?

Can Rarity Mermaid join she is a great singer

Can Valentine Knave join?- Cerisefan03

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