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Quotation1 "idiota." Quotation2
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Character Profile
Parent Story the maiden with the rose on her forehead
Alignment rebel
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i wonder if [insert eah version of mothman here] knows i love him

anyone here inject an entire fairyuana

sometimes u look at a bucnh of roses and think "wow i wonder how many roses i can fit in my mouth"

update: a lot

i wish my roommate would confess his love for me already. im waiting 👀

actually nvm dont confess ur love for me i dont need that kind of commitment;

my name has been slandered by the wicked bitch of mirror blog. excuse me, witch, you cant even highlight and your aesthetics are so. dark. oh my grimm please. @im-a-rune

i never thought getting stabbed in the face by a folder was a threat until i realized what kind of person i am.

it's fairy weird. im constantly craving death but like. i also dont want to die. like. who will remember my jokes after i die????? kaden if you're reading please memorialize all the times ive made hexcellent jokes or else ill be very disappointed in you beyond the grave.

being a plant must be sweet af like. you get to absorb all that hexing sunlight! and oh my grimm, being outside for almost all your life must feel gr8.

but i guess there are so bad stuff about being a plant too but honestly i just wanna know what it's like for the rose on my forehead to live.

some people are like. nursery rhyme school-level books.

"glaucio what the spell does that mean?" you might ask. it means some people are too easy to read lmao. give me a challenge or something, it's too easy.

birthdays are stupid. but at least i've lived to be 17.

i'm genuinely surprised tbh. like i feel like i should've died a long time ago due to some rose-related accident but nope. not yet at least.