Photo on 10-6-13 at 10.26 AM

Ginny's top outfit.

Ginny Gothal is the daughter of Mother Gothel from the story Rapunzel. She is a Rebel. She wants to help others rather then hurt. She wants to  be friends with Isabella Rose. She is known for good advice. She is owned by Moomoomoon.


If Ginny Gothal was portrayed, she whould have been done by Olivia Olson.



Ginny thinks of good answers and smart phrases. Her biggest dream is to get her life out of the tower. She is a bookworm". Her flaws are hights, sicknesses, and any rodent.


Ginny has tangled brown hair,brown eyes, light tan skin,and tends to always wear puple lipstick.


Ginny is close to her pet chamelion Tower, and aslo close to her roomate Ester.( Daughter of Mr. Scrooge.)


Mr.Scrooge's daughter, Ester Scrooge, seems to be close with her. The know each other well for a strange reason. They are both the in same group, maybe that's the answer.

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