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Quotation1 Is this what you think of me? Some little girl unprepared for the real world? You think this is it? the real world? You haven't seen nothing yet. Quotation2
Gilda when one of the Merry Men laugh at her independent demeanor

Gilda Goldstag is the daughter of the brother in the tale of Brother and Sister or the alternative tale, The Golden Stag.

Personality and SkillsEdit

How does one begin to describe Gilda Goldstag? Gilda is a very honest and blunt girl who is also very down to earth. She is protective to anyone or anything she loves and isn't afraid to put her own needs aside. Though she may seem a bit self-righteous, she is just very opinionated. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and will fight for her own rights to speak and be heard. Gilda is also a great lover of nature since she was raised so by her parents. Gilda is of nobility and is next in line of the throne after her cousin, Adelpha, and is expected to be very princess-like just like Adelpha but being the way she is, Gilda is very very rebellious to the society's standards of the word princess. Gilda is a daughter of a royal Duke and Duchess such that she is part of the royal family. (In their kingdom, it is a custom for the extended family of both king and queen to wear crowns of royalty.)


Gilda ,true to her name, has straight golden hair mixed with a few caramel and lighter blonde streaks in them. She has amber eyes and a light olive skin tone. Her hair is usually tied in a side ponytail or placed into a messy bun but at times she lets her hair down. She is a master in styling her hair so you may see her sporting new hairstyles once in a while. She is of medium height and has a very thin but fit figure. (because of constant exercise and a fast metabolism)

Original StoryEdit

See: The Golden Stag













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