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Gigi Wishes is the daughter of Genie
Character Profile
Parent Story Aladdin and the magic lamp
Age 16
Alignment Rebel
Roommate Jafela McEvil
Secret Heart's Desire Be a great genie
My "Magic" Touch Belly Dancing and Watching  the stars
Storybook Romance Status Arab Din he was so handsome and Cute
Oh "Curses!" Moments To much wishes it cause a bad side of the wishes and Daring always flirting me
Favourite Subject Astronomy I like stars
Least Favourite Subject Biology I hate this subject ever
Best Friends Forever After Blondie Locks,  Hunter Huntsman,Jafela McEvil



Gigi is friendly, clever and cute.She hates to much of wishe because there was the dark side of the wishes


Gigi has purple hair,pink skin and blue eyes.



ffJafela McEvil (The daugther of Jafar)


Gigi has a crush on Arab Din (The son Aladdin)



Gigi wears a green tops with gold details,green loose pants and a Green shoes.

Legacy DayEdit

Gigi wears a purple top with gold details,purple loose pants and purple shoes.


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