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Gemini in Gemini's Diary

Gemini Hearts addressed "Jemmy" by her friends, is the most accident-prone out of all her friends. She sometimes accidentally sets things on fire, and is very day-dreamy. She is currently suspecting that her mother "cursed" her, because she was removed twice from her family's portrait for some strange reasons, so her family is often mixed up.


Her mother named her "Gemini" because she was born five minutes in May 21st. Her star sign is easy to point out.

Role in her StoryEdit

Gemini is going to be the Lady in Waiting in the Wonderland castle. Though it's not as good as being queen, she'd love to help out Lizzie.


Brave, optimistic, and has a go-with-the-flow attitude, she's loves looking at the bright side of things with it gets gloomy. She loves making others smile and laugh. Although with many curiosities and insecurities, she pulls it all together and walks with her head up high.


Gemini found a green flamingo on the croquet fields.


Lizzie HeartsEdit

She and Lizzie were BFFA's forever after, ever since they were kids. Even though they are just partially related, she and Lizzie are like sisters.

Kitty ChesireEdit

Kitty finds her very interesting because she always falls for her little pranks. She was introduced by Lizzie.

Madeline HatterEdit

Madeline's always been nice to her when she's lost in her own bubble. But "mad" people are like that, and they share that in common.

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