Quotation1 Be Charming even your a Royal or Rebel and Smile like Cheshire Cat! Quotation2
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Galiena Rosella Handless is a 2013 introduced and an all-around character..She is the daughter of the Handless Maiden which is the main protagonist of the story called Girl Without Hands.She is Royal because her father was a king from an unknown Kingdom.



Gale was  Cheerful and Always Postive to anyone around her.. She always smiles to her foes and friends..When it comes to fights she just ignore them because she believe that it only makes it worst!


Gale has a slim and short body time, she is slightly short than Madeline Hatter. Her hair was  golden blond with a pink ombre below, she has a pink plumpy and kissable lips which Daring attracts about her, she has a fair skin and a baby pink eyes. Like her mother in her youth, she had a metal hand prosthetics which replace her missing hands (she had it since born).

Grimms tales – Girl without HandsEdit

A man is tricked by the devil and promises his daughter to the devil. The daughter, however, is so pure the devil can have nothing to do with her. He hopes to make the daughter unclean by having her hands cut off. This ploy does not work and he is forced to leave her alone. The girl goes out into the world where she is married to a king. The devil again interferes and the queen is sent away because it is believed the king wants her dead. She goes to the house of an angel where she is allowed to stay for free. After learning she is not dead, her husband the king finds her and her son there. During the time she was away, her hands have miraculously regrown.



Gale was the youngest of the family, Her father loved her with all his heart while her mother cares for her..Her Big Brother protects her like he promised since she is born


Apple and Briar was her closest friends..She loves having a Spellfie with them..She is aquintance to her roommate Mara .


Gale was dealing to her enemies with her smile..She believe the word "Kill them with Kindness".


Angus was her pet horse..Her Horse was her father's gift on her 12th birthday..


She is expecting to have her Prince Charming ..


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