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Fulvia Biondini is the daughter of Petrosinella from the Italian fairy tale by the same name, appearing in Giambattista Basile's Pentamerone.


Name: Fulvia Biondini

Age: 14

Parent's Story: Petrosinella

Alignment: Neutral

Roommate: Pauline Poucet

Secret Heart's Desire: To style my hair in the finest ways..

My "Magic" Touch: I can use magic by throwing gallnuts.

Storybook Romance Status: I'm dating Desiderio Cenere. He's very nice - and he plants nice date trees.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: I can be rather sanctimonious at times.

Favorite Subject: Magicology. I'm able to use magic gall-nuts in this class.

Least Favorite Subject: Beast Training and Care. I'm not that good around animals.

Best Friend Forever After: Amina Hamama. She's really fun to be around. I'm also very close with my boyfriend Desiderio.



Fulvia is slightly below average height, with long blonde hair that grows past her waist and blue eyes. She wears a pink dress, a pink and orange jacket, and a pearl necklace. She wears a crown of parsley leaves on her head.


Fulvia is a good-natured girl and isn't very quick to anger. She is fond of magic and is always searching for magical implements to test her skills. Sometmes she can be self-righteous and unable to listen to other people's opinions. Despite this, she cares a lot about her friends.


Buon giorno! My name is Fulvia Biondini. I'll tell you about my mother Petrosinella. She had a story similar to Rapunzel. She was held captive in a tower by an ogress. A prince visited her every night, and Mom used her long hair to pull him up. She used her wits to escape the ogress by using the powers of gallnuts - little growths found on trees that resemble nuts. She also got to marry her beloved prince.

I'm doing pretty good. I've got my parents, and I also have an older sister named Flavia. We also brought my maternal grandmother Pascadozzia to live with us. I have inherited my mother's long blonde hair, which I keep long and I can grow longer with magic. I am going to Ever After High right now, and I'm doing good in most of my classes. I'm also good at throwing gallnuts which can turn into animals, though I'm not much of an animal person. I prefer to stay out of the Royals vs. Rebels conflict, so I'm a Neutral.

I'm friendly with Holly O'Hair and her sister Poppy. I've also got a boyfriend named Desiderio Cenere. He's really nice and he likes spending time with me. He grows date trees for me.


  • Fulvia's first name and surname both mean "blonde".
  • Fulvia owns a pet mongoose named Nuccia.
  • If she were an official character, she would be voiced by Stephanie Sheh.

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