Quotation1 Cold as I may seem, I'm actually real warm inside Quotation2
Frosteen Frost

Frosteen Neige Frosty Frost is the daughter of King Frost. She is owned by TaylorRocks.



Frosteen is at first either shy and keeps to herself, or she acts snappy and sarcastic, due to this they think with her, cold, uses both meanings. But once she gets to know you, her frozen heart melts and she will be a really nice and kind girl. She loves her destiny, but is inspired by the rebellion and loves how they choose to stand up and not be pushed around, if her destiny wasn't a good one, she'd be a rebel. She' s the Princess of her father's cold kingdom, due to this she is a bit, braggy how do you say it. Being friendly and nice, she will soon get a BFFA, if only I can find the right story.


She is of average hight and is very pale due to living in minus zero temperatures. Frosteen has icy blue eyes and white, very slightly gray hair, which reaches to her waist. She has a thick streak of bright aquamarine in her bangs.

Fairy tale – The Story of King FrostEdit

How the Story Goes

I'm too lazy to write. Go look it up on the internet.

How does Frosteen come into it?Edit

The Frost King was lonely and so he took long walks in the wood, in one enchanted wood, he discovered a charm that would make him a child, provided that he teach him/her(in this case her) to be what he was and follow her destiny as the next King(or in her case Queen) Frost.



She has her father, King Frost and that's about it.


I'll get back to you on that


She has a polar bear cub named Snowy McIcicle


She's single, not quite ready to mingle.



She wears clothes very similar to Apple White. The top half is composed of an icy blue top with a sweetheart neckline and darker blue, puffed out, short sleeves, which have not-so-visible bright aquamarine swirly patter thingy, as well as silver band-like things to keep the sleeves in place, the sweetheart top also ends in a V. The bottom half is composed of a bright aquamarine skirt reaching somewhere above her knees. There is a wrap around the skirt which is a slightly darker blue than her sleeves, it also has the aquamarine pattern, which is not quite visible. She wears blue tights and icy blue high heeled ankle boots with icicle inspired heels. Also lining the top of the is icicles. Her jewelry and etc is mainly composed of icicles, an icicle bracelet, choker, earrings and tiara. She has a snowball inspired purse with an icicle inspired flap. Her eyeshade is icy blue and so is her lipstick. Her waist length hair is worn down and flows freely.

Legacy DayEdit





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