Quotation1 Truly caring about people doesn't mean stealing from others. Quotation2
Fritjov Hood also known as Frit is the son of the Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood.

Frit is a rebel because he feels that there are better ways to help the less fortunate than by stealing from the fortunate.

Frit was created by Katanarama



Frit is a very easy going person, never taking life too seriously. Frit is known to take up any challenge thrown at him which has cost him many broken or fractured bones and he now has a "VIP" position in the school's infirmary. Friends of Frit say he is very thoughtful of others, has a great sense of humor, knows how to let loose, and is the life of the party.


Since Frit is the twin of Alexandra Hood, he has similar features as her. Frit has tanned skin, grey blue eyes that pop during the sunset and thick chocolate brown hair with olive green tips. Frit's hair is always styled, and if it isn't, something is wrong. He also enjoys having a five o'clock shadow, he says it makes him rugged and manly.

Mirror BlogEdit

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Frit Hood is the baby of the family, only by two minutes but his father is one to never let him forget. Frit has a strained relationship with his father, most likely because he wasn't the firstborn so he sticks more with his mother, and is always interested on her teachings in Damsel-In-Distressing class, more than likely so he can figure out how to save a damsel of his own. He and his sister Alexandra Hood are inseparable, doing almost everything together, which tends to be confusing to Frit's friends since they are so different in personalities. 


Frit is good friends with most Rebels, especially Hunter Huntsman. The only real Royal friends he has are his sister and Little Jamie, and that's good enough for him.


Frit hides any interests he has in anyone, but it is speculated that he has crush on Wren Gale, a quiet shy girl, whom he helped find a satchel for; nothing has been confirmed.



Frit's everyday look consists of an olive green hooded sweater with a leather vest over it, a brown belt with a small compartment that he uses to sneak food in for his classes, black pants tucked into black boots and occasionally he will have a hidden silver necklace in his sweater.

Fun FactsEdit

- The name Fritjov is celtic and means 'peaceful thief'

- Frit is 6' 2"

- Frit has a tattoo on his right arm of a celtic arrow

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