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Flosa's quote

Flosa Aurum is a 2014 introduced all-around character. She is the daughter of Lucius from the tale The Golden Ass. She is destined to 





Flosa has a split personality. One moment she can be crazy and excited then the next minute she can be really rude and self centered.

She loves to write and read stories, and practice casting spells, which often go haywire. She also loves roses, which are her favorite type of flower.

She has fear if she takes off her rose headpiece she will turn back into a donkey. She is also quite the flirt. Also she likes to study Latin and Roman to boost her knowledge of her story's origins. 

She is pretty popular in Ever After High, and a bit stuck up. 


Flosa has brown with hazel eyes. She is also tanned and she has rose red lips. 

Story - The Golden AssEdit

The Golden Ass

How Does Flosa come into it?Edit

When Flosa was born, she was cursed by Milo's wife to turn into a donkey, just like her father Lucius. But what can keep her human, is the prescence of a rose either consumed or worn on the cursed one. Ever since a very young age, Flosa has been wearing a rose headpiece. She only takes it off when no one is around. 



Flosa's is the daughter of Lucius and Fotis.


She is often seen hanging out with Lorelei Jammerbugten and Liebby Macht . She is popular, and no one else knows of her true colors. 




She has a pet bird she named Psyche, after a woman who the Roman Goddess Venus had envy over. 

More about FlosaEdit

Favorite foodsEdit

Flosa tries to eat as much roses as she could (weird, right?) to stay human. 



She has a roman themed top, a gold necklace and belt, a rose red layered skirt and gold gladiator shoes with rose red nails. 

Theme SongEdit


  • Flosa is a name from the latin word Flos, which means flower
  • Aurum is also a latin word for Gold. 
  • She was born on July 7th, which she likes to call Caesar's month, for July was named after Julius Caesar, a Roman Emperor. 


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