Florence Fur is the daughter of the wolf, the villain of Little Red Riding Hood and the three little pigs. Florence is a rebel, because she doesn't like the image of trying to harm one of her best friends, Cerise Hood.


Parents Story: My father is in lots of stories!



Roommate: Daisy Fair

Secret Hearts Desire: To show the world that my father didn't try to harm anyone; he was simply asking if Little Red Riding Hood would like to come to tea and he was only asking if the Little Pigs needed help building houses!

My 'Magic' touch: I possess super agility because I am part wolf.

Storybook Romance Status: Well, I don't mind Peter Pan's son! We are just good friends, though!

Oh 'Curses' moments: When I am running or swimming or reading I am usually very... Um... preoccupied and I sometimes crash into people.

Favourite Subject: Athletics. I love running and swimming and hockey! Closely followed by English (I'm a really clever, apparently, and I love poetry)

Least Favourite subject: Evil Spells. I AM NOT EVIL!

Best Friends Forever After: Cerise Hood and Daisy Fair


Florence Fur has long, silvery hair that is usually in a long tangled mess. She has dark blue eyes, like the night sky. She has very pale skin, and people usually ask her if she is ill. Her normal outfit is a black cut-off dress, with black fingerless gloves and knee-high boots. Her legacy day outfit is a dark blue floor-length dress with black strappy high heels and a dark blue crown.


Florence doesn't like the thought of completing her story because she is actually very thoughtful and nice. She works hard, maybe too hard, to be top of all her classes. She is determined and stubborn, but also loyal.

By Animalcrossingrules6

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