Quotation1 If I stop hiding from the truth, then i'll just accept who I have to be, but that's the problem! Quotation2

Felicia Tremaine is the hidden, sweet daughter of the wicked step-mother from the tale of Cinderella. She is a senior and is in her legacy year in Ever After High, thought she's thinking of making herself appear 14 just so she can stay at the school a little longer and avoid her destiny, at least until the royal's from her fairytale realise what she's doing.


Alexandra Krosney
Felicia Tremaine would be portrayed by Grey DeLisle in voice, due to her cute yet serious voice which seems to suit Felicia. Grey has voiced many video game characters such as Thara from Dark Reign 2, Catwoman from Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate and many others. She also voiced Vickie, Tootie and Veronica from The Fairy Odd Parents and many others, to see the full list check here.

In live action she would be portrayed by Alexandra Krosney, who has the same facial structure, hair colour, skin tone and posture as Felicia, and they roughtly look the same age. She is most known for her role as Kristen Baxter from ABC's Last Man Standing.



Felicia is sweet, but thats all you can tell. She keeps her opinions hidden as well as the rest of her personality. She is very carful about what she says and is quite the bookworm. She can be rather snappy and quick to the case but is also rather secretive.


Felicia has mid-length, chocolate brown hair which is sun-streaked in different shades, pale cyan eyes, a fair caucausian skin tone and a firly tight, straight posture. She is average weight and quite small, the height of a sixteen year old. Her eyebrows are more straight than curvy, as most peoples are, and are quite dark. Her looks tend to vary as she changes her age alot.

Fairy taleEdit

Main article: Cinderella



Her mother is Cinderella's wicked step-mother.


Felicia has been seen socialising with Briar Beauty thought no friendship has been suggested. Other than the sighting, it's clear Felicia doesn't have friends, since people are often disgusted at her having to marry Ashylnn's father.


Felicia has a baby rat who she adores called Anaiese.


Felicia is destined to marry Ashylynn's father, thought Felicia finds it disgusting and awful, and really just wants to marry a guy who'd accept her.


  • Felicia is Blue-Ribbonz first character who'd been sketched and then digitally drawn.
  • Felicia is Blue-Ribbonz's second character who had digital art, the first being Vanessa Witch.


  • June 4 2014: Felicia has been sketched and created


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