Faye Azure is the daughter of the Blue Fairy, and the sister of Cedar Wood.



Faye is very direct about what she says, and tends to be sassy. She is not mean, but sometimes laughs at other's misfortune when she finds it funny. She can grant wishes, but they come with a catch, which she doesn't always tell people.


Faye has pale skin and blue hair. She has a small pair of fairy wings, which will reach their full size once she is ready to become the next Blue Fairy. Faye's eyes are blue



Faye's parents are the Blue Fairy and Pinocchio ( it's one of my many headcanons) and Cedar Wood's sister. Her parent's marraige is not exactly allowed, so Faye uses her mother's maiden name.


Faye is good friends with Magenta Shoes, Raven Queen, and Madeline Hatter.


Faye stays away from romance; she finds it to confusing.




  • Despite their parent's relationship being somewhat of a secret, Faye is very close with Cedar Wood
  • Faye is 15 
  • Her roommate is Isabella Beauty

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