Fay Godmother is the daughter of the Fairy Godmother in the Cinderella story. In the Royal/Rebel conflict, she is neutral, because she likes some parts of her destiny but not others. She is very talented in magic. Her best friends are Ashlynn Ella, Raven Queen and Madeline Hatter.


Fay has wavy cantaloupe coloured hair, which her wears loose, small light pink wings and a singlet top with a light pink star on it. She also wears a skirt with lavender and ice coloured stripes with light pink bobbles hanging below the skirt. Fay completes her look with light pink flats.

In her Legacy Day outfit, she wears a sparkling lavender cape with a dress that alternates in layers of spindrift, light pink, light green and cantaloupe coloured silk that seems to emit light.


Fay is the first daughter of the Fairy Godmother and is first in line to inherit the destiny. She has one brother and one sister: Shimmer and Morgan. They are distantly related to Faybelle Thorn and the Bad Fairy, their arch-enemies.


Fay is a outgoing, smart and friendly girl, although she can find herself in trouble occasionally. It is very rare, but sometimes her spells backfire, like the time she turned her hair blue, herself into a hamster and that one time she turned Cerise Hood's hood purple, with very dire consequences.


Fay has a pet named Glimmerwings, an enchanted cat who could fly and speak. When she was younger, she had a butterfly named Pinky for a few days until it died. Sometimes she helps take care of Morgan's pet, an enchanted budgie named Squawk.


Fay does currently not have a boyfriend, but she does occasionally get involved in C.A. Cupid's radio show.


Hi, i'm Fay. I'm the daughter of the Fairy Godmother. What happened to her was that she helped Cinderella get to the ball, then a few weeks later, she brought her over, along with Ashlynn Ella, her daughter. We were friends at once.

I started at Ever After High in the second year. When Legacy Day dawned, I couldn't help feeling magical. I accidentally turned my pillow into a goose, but turned it back. Whoops! I put on my outfit, a shimmering dress and cape with wing holes in them for my wings.

I was watching everyone sign the Storybook of Legends from my seat, anticipating my moment. Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen stood on stage, about to pledge her destiny, but promptly ripped out her page. What happened next was all a blur.

The next day, in the cafeteria, Briar invited me to sit with their group, the Royals. Raven invited me to sit with their group, the Rebels.Who would I sit with? Am I a royal or rebel?

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