My guitar pick NEVER misses its mark!-Falcon Hood

I'm Falcon Hood, daughter of Robin Hood. And NO Falcon is NOT a boy name!


Falcon is a very laid-back person. She's also care-free, a bit of a theif, and speaks out against unfair things. She IS the daughter of Robin Hood. She isn't carefree when it comes to unfair things, or stealing. She's quite the trickster and is always up for a good prank.


If she could be voiced by anybody it would have to be......*drum roll*....Georgie Henley! Now, you may be wondering: But, why Georgie Henley? Because, she's a great actress, looks a lot like Falcon, and Georgie is just SO COOL!! But, Falcon's singing voice would HAVE to be Avril Lavigne's. Why? Because Avril is just plain MEGA AWESOME!!!! If you're wondering who Avril Lavigne is, click this link: [[1]]

Her live action portrayer would have to be Georgie Henley. Why? Because, Georgie looks a LOT like Falcon.



Her father is (obviously) Robin Hood, but the identity of her mother is unknown. She has a slightly younger twin brother named Sparrow Hood, and a little sister (who's 3) named Blue-Jay Hood.


Her acquaintances include Cedar Wood, and Cerise Hood. Her BFFAs are Lizzie Hearts, Melody Piper, Lily John, Kitty Cheshire, and Carly Hood.

Cedar Wood: Cedar and Falcon are nice to each other.

Lizzie Hearts: Falcon agrees that Lizzie isn't extremely mad, that's why they're great friends.

Melody Piper: Melody and Falcon have been friends for awhile. They both have an interest in music which boosts their friendship.

Cerise Hood: Falcon and Cerise agree on things which makes them acquaintances.

Lily John: Lily is one of Falcon's BFFA, she is also in Falcon's story. Lily and Falcon have known each other since they were 2.

Kitty Cheshire: Kitty and Falcon have caused trouble together quite a bit. That's why they're friends.

Carly Hood: Carly and Falcon are friends because, they're both troublemakers and love pranks.


She absolutely HATES Duchess Swan. Why?

1) She's a jerk to Falcon's brother and uses him.

2) She's evil.

3) She treats Falcon like dirt.


Queen of Tricks: by herself

Male Bird: By Sparrow

Female Sparrow: By Duchess Swan and other snobs.

Sing-Song Queen: By Patrick Pan

Mockingjay: By Patrick

Countess of Thieves: By Herself

The Green Theif: Falcon's theif identity (she made it up)

Fal: By Patrick

Babe: By Patrick