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Fairemiah Turquoise is the son of the Blue Fairy, or the Lady with the Turquoise Hair, a supporting character in the tale of Pinochio


Fairemiah has teal and black hair tied into a simple ponytail with a large rope of it over one eye in the style of a greaser. Also he is fair skinned, with turquoise eyes and pointy ears like other fairy folk. Fairemiah also wears a cloth crown and a teal leather jacket with faded jeans.


Fairemiah is a kind and caring person, even though he has a thick shell and tries to keep his nature quiet from other people at school. He feels his sensitive nature is a sign of weakness.



Connie Cricket and Sampty Dumpty


I have a baby phoenix named Flariana. She was abandoned by her mother when she was a chick. Unlike other phoenix, she has aqua green feathers.


  • "Fairemiah" is a play on the name Jeremiah and the word "fairy".
  • Turquoise, his signature color and last name, is based on the original name of the Blue Fairy, The Lady with the Turquoise Hair.

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