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Is she excellent? No. Excellent Rebecca Charming, more preferably goes by Becca or Rebecca to her friends and siblings because she cannot be truly called excellent, even if she tried. She is the heir to both the kingdom of Ever After and the destiny of the princess in The Three Princes and Their Beasts, both that were assigned to her on her first year by the Storybook of Legends and both which she is uncertain of, hence she is a Roybel.



  • Nice: Who isn't nice? Becca considers herself nice. She is supposed to be future queen and a deuteragonist of her destined story, after all. It's just that Becca is unsure if people actually think she's nice.
  • Sweet and kind: She has always been kind to people and animals. She just doesn't understand why they run away.
  • Friendly: She's always trying to make new friends, but mostly she waits for them to come to her. What she doesn't understand is that why her friends keep running away from her. It's like those complicated friendships; one moment you're BFFAs, and the next your friendship fails. It always happens with her, but at least some of her friends stick through with her thick and thin, although the number is small. If her close circle of friends is busy, she shifts from one clique to another during meals, in an attempt to make friends. There's one group though, that she knows is somewhere between 'Acquaintances' and 'Best Friends'. It's definitely higher than 'Friends' but she doesn't know if they think the same way about her.
  • Bubbly and joyful (most of the time): It doesn't matter if it's a mask. Sometimes it becomes reality. Most of the time Becca's insecurity and real happiness mix together to form real happiness. An extroverted girl, she loves to be outside and really likes seeing and finding the wonder and joy in life. Sometimes, it becomes her joy too. Or the reason why she's optimistic 90% of the time is because of her nonchalance. Maybe. However, though, she chooses the other option of real joy. Funny thing is that she never is stressed or pressured.
  • Insecure: Is she too rude? Talkative? Unkind? Smelly? Ugly? Childish? Stupid? Gossipy? Breath stinky? If all no, then what? This is one thing Becca worries about every day. Because of her 'ability' to lose friends slowly and painfully (which hurts her heart), she tries to cling to the few friends she has. Sometimes, she feels like she's a victim of bullying, because her fellow classmates tend to avoid her for some reason and she knows that they sometimes talk behind her back, if a teacher puts her into a group (and the people in her group tend to dislike or avoid her), she knows when she turns her back they would immediately gossip about her. It doesn't matter if she becomes Queen or not, it's her character that she's worried about. The thing is that a leopard cannot change its spots. No matter how hard she tries, she simply cannot get new friends to stay with her for long. If she does, however, she'll be super delighted. She's mainly sad and lonely because of insecurity and loneliness.
  • Loyal: Due to the fact that she has little friends, she clings to them. She knows sometimes they might not like it, hence she likes to shift between cliques but she always goes back to her friends. She also confides all her deepest fears in Alex, who somehow understands despite never going through what Becca has experienced.
  • Sometimes a bit rebellious: Yeah, she is. Sometimes she doesn't obey her parents, supports the Rebels etc. etc. but these are just small acts of rebellion. It doesn't hurt much, does it? Sorta but okay...
  • Tomboyish and adventurous: She has a streak of fun and adventure. Mild danger is her name and...adventure is her game? She hates wearing dresses, and if forced to, she'll wear stockings or pants. Some exceptions involve her basic dress, but she still wears with fishnet stockings. She loves pants and also loves hang around boys, especially gamers.
  • Empathic: Despite mostly everyone avoiding her, she sort of understands why. She has feelings too, and if a person is sad, she tries her best to comfort them. Happy? She encourages and celebrates with them (if that person doesn't run away/tell her to go away). The only thing she doesn't understand is why whenever she helps someone who avoids/dislikes her, for example, pick up a pen they drop, they rudely respond to her.
  • Irresponsible: Yes, she is a bit irresponsible, which is not a queenly trait (and how Milton Grimm doesn't understand why The Storybook of Legends chose her to be the next Queen of Ever After). She often doesn't hand in her homework, which mostly leads to her getting a 'Semi-Charming' in her report grade. It's also one of the mutual connections she shares with Alex.
  • Slightly manipulative: She knows this. It's most likely because of her insecurity.
  • Lonely: Because she has few friends, she sometimes get lonely whenever they're not around. She's left out during project work or Grimnastics when it comes to choosing teams. She's sometimes embarrassed when she finally has to go to the teacher and say in a small voice, "I don't have a partner." (in the times when her BFFAs or Alex aren't in the same class as her)
  • Determined (sometimes): Despite all her misgivings, she's surprised she still has a will to live. She strives to do her best every day, though it doesn't have to be excellent. It just has to be her best.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Gaming on the MirrorNet: Becca has always been fascinated by the MirrorNet. She thinks it's a place of wonderlandiful games. Of course, she limits her game time (according to her) though sometimes she overshoots it, because, well, games are so addictive.
  • Singing: Becca has a brilliant voice and like any other real princess can conjure fauna to her (but like all other princesses not as well as Rosie Briar). She also likes listening to Tailor Quick (Taylor Swift), A Capella Cabello (Camila Cabello; Cap-O-Rushes) and Little Match Girls (Little Mix; The Little Match Girl).
  • Playing the guitar: It's nice to strum and hum/sing at the same time.
  • Swimming: She likes free-lance swimming, not competitive. She's practically the last when it comes to swimming Grimnastics.
  • Drawing fashion: It's just so nice to draw or doodle...especially during Crownculus. Also, it's good to express creativity.
  • Writing stories: Another form of expressing creativity.
  • Hanging out with her friends and Alex: Spending social time trying to meet face-to-face with friends is definitely much better than hexting. She loves meeting new people but absolutely hates shopping.

Her Story -The Three Princes and their Beasts

The Three Princes and their Beasts

How does Becca come into it?

The previous princess in The Three Princes and their Beasts was unable to have any children, hence like all Charmings who are eventually assigned a story, Becca simply received her 'assignment' on the day she enrolled at Ever After High by the Storybook of Legends.



  • Aristocratic Jason Charming

Jason and Rebecca have a good father-daughter relationship. It's one of those normal-typical family relationships, just that it includes expectations of Becca, given that he is the Adviser to Queen Selena Briar and King Brilliant Adrian Charming (his older brother) in Ever After's Royal Council (a very important position!). The funny thing is that Jason calls himself 'Jason' but calls his children by their adjective names, except for Royalle.

  • Stylish Leah Charming

Leah does want to have the best for her daughter, Rebecca and dotes on her. She pushes her in everything but will most definitely stop when Becca has reached her breaking point (unless of course, if it's in her queenly studies and lessons then obviously she pushes harder). She loves her daughter very much and always encourages Becca to give her best in whatever she does. Becca sometimes thinks that Leah is micro-managing but she's always aware that Leah has always wanted the best for her. Like her husband, she calls herself Leah but calls her children by their adjective names except for Royalle.

Royalle is her number one go-to-gal if Becca has any problems. I mean like, twins have some mental link or stuff, right? Normally, they also are the closest to each other and it can also be said so for Royalle and Rebecca. It doesn't matter if they're outgoing twins. What matters is inside the heart. Though sometimes Rebecca feels that Royalle should be the heir to the throne (because Royalle is older than Becca and the latter was literally the youngest of her siblings).

  • Admirable Samuel Charming

Ugh. Samuel would be more tolerable if he wasn't looking at his mirror and flirting with girls all the time. Like canon's Daring Charming, all he thinks is of himself. Becca hates the clique that he forms with the most popular guys in school (she hates cliques, remember?) and the only time of interaction between them is only when one, they are paired up for some Project Work, two, family dinners and three, when Samuel is teasing Rebecca for being the most handsome Prince Charming. Other than that, she ignores him.

  • Gallant Ryan Charming

Ryan is as bad as Samuel. Probably it was the influence that Samuel literally radiated that gave Ryan an equally dazzling smile and stoic build. Or something else. But that's just in Becca's opinion. She ignores him as much as she ignores Samuel.

  • Studious Timothy Charming

Timothy is the younger twin of Ryan and is always under his shadow. He's with the geeks, and he's a Rebel, like Royalle and a bit of Becca, unlike his two older brothers, who are stout Royals. This has put him on the 'no' list of the popular Royals. Like Royalle, Becca thinks that Timothy is the only sibling that they could sympathise with and loves her brother a lot. She encourages Timothy to follow his heart and turn away from his destiny, so that he can court Belladonna Witch, daughter of the Dark Fairy.


this will be a super duper long segment

  • wip


driver: i'm looking for some! brb wip

Zoey and Rebecca are Creative Writing partners, but does this make them friends? Zoey is very friendly towards Becca but Becca has trust issues, but of course, she's hoping that she and Zoey could take their 'partnership' to another level (friendship if y'all were wondering). Zoey's fun and all, has wacky yet brilliant ideas for Creative Writing and there are times when they really are acting like friends (i mean like laughing at each other for some funny thing or stuff like that) but Becca still has her stupid trust issues but is sincerely hoping they could take their current relationship up higher.

  • wip


another super duper long segment that I will eventually update when I have the time


Technically, she doesn't have a pet (yet) but she sort of 'adopted' a maltese and poodle mix that she called Fluffy (the name is so original I can't even-wow). It really is fluffy and Fluffy is so fluffy I-


Ignore that, narrator here. If you count her Dragon Games dragon as a pet, then it's an ice and water dragon (too bad it can't breathe water vapour-wait, it can, right?) called Rhea.


Rebecca has known Alex since spellementary school because Mars decided Alex was 'better off with the Fairytales'. Yes, Becca has had a few crushes here and there, but only this guy has caught her eye like no other. This lasted for like seven years throughout Becca's life. It was the most endearing secret crush. Then, the younger sister of one of Becca's friends (whom Becca told her secret crush to) spilt the beans to Alex. Oh my, that was the most embarrassing moments of Becca's life. She legitimately ignored him for a whole year out of embarrassment (of course not without sneaking a few looks and smiles at him). Turns out, he felt the same way about her, as she was about to discover when she was 14, when he returned the feeling. Becca literally and instantly fainted, and Alex had to catch her in his arms. She aroused while still in his arms and that was literally the time that was so romantic. Afterwards, they started dating. They see each other less often now because of the Mythology Program but after school they definitely catch up with each other at the Hocus Latte Cafe. However, she does think that Alex has ridiculously bad fashion taste.


In the future, Becca does accept her destiny but Alex doesn't. They eventually marry, and have two kids, whom they call Truman and Shayne (ugh must I state the surname? like seriously they can either be called ____ Charming or _____ Conqueror or _____ Charming-Conqueror). Truman's Charming name was Rebellious Truman Charming while Shayne's Charming name was Royal Shayden Charming but both of them prefer to take after their middle Charming names. Truman is destined to take after his father's destiny as the next Roman deity of war, whom he is excited about and Shayne is destined to take after a generic Charming story which he is totally fine about.

Becca has fully transformed the ruling council into a full democracy and no longer uses the title 'Queen' but is now known as 'the President'. Of course, there are still many sub-kingdoms in Ever After etc the Rainbow Kingdom, Wonderland, the Sea Kingdom, the land of the Giants etc. etc, but she has decided that Ever After would become a democracy. Princesses and princes still exist though, so it's pretty much fine. And she lives a good life, with a good job, a great husband and two great kids.


Rebecca has curly long blonde hair that she most likely inherited from her father and with which she dyed some steaks purple because well, that seemed to be the trend with all the students and it was Royalle who dragged her to the Tower Hair Salon and forced her to choose a colour (and she chose purple so...). She has emerald eyes, probably from her mother.

Art Rebecca's outfits and description
Becca Charming Basic

owo basic


Becca's outfit's main theme colours are blue, red, purple and green, with a hint of gold and silver. She has curly blonde hair with purple highlights and her hair is tied into a loose ponytail. She is a fan of pearls and beads, hence her jacket, shoes and hairband is laced with them. She wears a red combat jacket, a green dress with frills and decorated with random motifs or swirls and curls and a silver belt studded by a emerald crafted into a shape of diamond. She also has a silver bracelet adorned with tiny emeralds that can create rainbows given to her by her parents as a Thronecoming Gift. She wears fishnet stockings and spiked heels (which are also laced with beads and pearls). She has green eyes.

wip Legacy Day
Becca Charming Getting Fairest-0

anatomy improvement woo

Getting Fairest:

Becca doesn't actually wear a lot of colours to sleep (i was just kidding no green and purple only unless you count her hair). She wears a red...robe with embroidered purple flowers and green lace borders it (must still look royal). She wears a grey shirt completely filled with starry red designs. She wears blue harem pants with the most simplistic gold designing and green slippers that are actually very fluffy on the inside.

Please don't ask how she has bangs. It's either her basic hair is unreal or it's magic. And also, why does she wear her bracelet to sleep?

It's very casual actually, for real world but unusual for the world of Ever After. However, this fairytale princess Charming can do whatever she wants with her fashion even though it does look...weird to other princesses.

wip Spring Unsprung
wip Date Night
wip Dragon Games
wip Thronecoming
Becca Charming Epic Winter

because all my designs are inspired by reality

Epic Winter/Fairest on Ice:

Becca thinks it's Christmas way too early (it was way too early btw) and is too hype to get into her red and white furry hoodie-shawl that has blue patterns in it. Her hair this time is tied into two ponytails (because why not) and wears blue and green gloves made of thick velvet. I should have given her long sleeves but thank goodness that fun bangle of hers (ice-powered) can keep her warm (that gem is supposed to be blue btw but the internet ruins everything). Her violet top is like patterned with supposedly butterfly and star crystals (they fake btw it's called pattern for a reason) and if I'm not wrong (omg i don't even know what i drew) she's wearing a jacket/skirt around her waist that has beads embroidered (because every outfit she needs must have beads wow that rhymes) and they have somewhat semblance of a blue wind on them. She wears comfortable blue jeans and those Christmas-coloured boots (sort of) aren't necessarily skates. They can become normal boots with thick grooves when Becca is not ice-skating.


  • Becca is the driver's main OC and EAHsona
  • Becca was loosely based off the driver
  • Becca's favourite food is carbonara
  • Becca's favourite holiday is Christmasssssss
  • Becca's theme song would either be 'Real Friends' or 'Crying in the Club', both by Camila Cabello
  • Becca's Thronecoming gift was her fun bangle which produces rainbows. It can also be upgraded. For example, in Dragon Games, Holly upgraded it to a Dragon Games version (made out of rubies instead of emeralds and it has a faux dragon wing 'sticking' out of it (signifying Dragon Games version)
  • Becca and Alex's ship theme song would at first be 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' by Marshmello and Anne Marie because that's literally how their relationship started off, but now it's 'Galway Girl' by Ed Sheeran or 'Nervous' by Shawn Mendes
  • Excellent came from the first letter of the driver's real name (you know like those type off 'poetry' for example, your name is Anna so A is Amazing, N is Nice and so on and yeah whenever I used to do that I would write excellent even though I wasn't. Well, when you have three 'E's in your name positive adjectives are hard to find when you're seven years old. Also, I wasn't excellent. Just your average girl scoring nice As and the occasional A+/A* everytime)
  • Becca's concept was crafted in 2015 and the driver choose a Charming because well, Charmings can be anybody and be from any tale
  • Becca shares the same birthday as the driver, November 1
  • Becca likes the same colours as the driver, green, blue, red, purple, silver, gold and black
  • Becca likes wearing jeans/pants, but if she has to wear dresses/skirts, fishnet stockings are absolutely a must
  • Becca's outfits that comprise of dress are her Basic/Signature Roybels, Legacy Day and Thronecoming. The rest are jeans/pants/tights.
  • The reason why Becca doesn't have a Way-Too-Wonderland design is because the driver thinks the fashion line for WTW is weird (but wonderland is weird so...)
  • Becca is a sucker for intricate designs, peacocks, stars, butterflies and boots
  • Becca is one part of the trio that the driver has for main Mattel OCs, the other two are Cassandra Enchantress and Isabella Echthrós
  • Becca's personality makes up 1/3 of the personality that the driver actually has, being the one most similar to the one the driver currently has a facade with lol
  • Becks's name was originally going to be Fabulous Rebecca Charming, but then that name was taken up so I was going to put Beautiful Charming then i was like: nvm and then so i put Excellent Charming cuz why not
  • Wip

Concept lmao

so basically back in like 2015 when i was like 10 years old and just learnt about ever after high from one of my best friends while i was still off-and-on fangirling over monster high, i was surfing the good ol' internet and then typed ever after high wiki and accidentally pressed the ever after high fandom wiki and then the rest is history.

jkjkjk but it really was history

because i was still a very good and obedient and really naive kid back then i didnt have an email so i just bought a book (it cost me $5 ok) and then just drew out all my oc concepts out. did some fanon stuff on some character destinies and yeah. so ofc darling is a charming and i luved luved luveeee darling the charming and then i also wanted to make a character for myself that resembled close to myself and wore all my favourite designs so yas becks was born.

i decided on becks' name first. my most fav name cassandra was already reserved for monster high and melissa (i later reused it for another monster high oc)/isabella sounds weird for eah) and recently i liked a new name Rebecca (liked it even more when my mom actually told me she wanted to name me that) and yeah the name of becks was born

afterwards i drew becks. like seriously i don't freaking use pinterest or look online for stuff i just drew her. i liked ponytails and i wanted her to have luscious golden blonde/honey blonde hair and some resemblance of a tiara as a diamond hairband and yah. then i loved that top that musa from winx club has for her sirenix form (big fan of sirenix yassssssssssssssssssss) and then anyways i gave her a nice silver belt because silver belts are over-rated with my fun bangle because i liked that barbie bracelet i saw once upon a time and i absolutely loved fishnet stockingsssssssss. then also because sunset shimmer has a jacket i gave becks a jacket as well, not too long, not too short. and yas she had to have my fav colours.

ofc i never thought of a personality but ok well, you can see it up there