Ever after high: days of future past is a crossover to X men days of future past and is done by timelordpinks123 and is Book 0 of sibuna chronicles, and is the story behind the club and why it was invented.

Blurb: In the future, EAH has been destroyed and the war on all students has gotten too far, people have been lost, both royals and rebels, and now they have no choice but to send icy, molly and stella back in time to stop the war before it even happened and save their school before it gets destroyed, will they succeed? will they lose more people? will the losses be worth it? or will it all fail and the future will be gong?

Characters : Edit

  • Icy snow
  • Stormy frost
  • Stella violet charming
  • Molly Grimm
  • Petal Grimm
  • Pyro bird
  • Kurt guardian
  • Amy dragon
  • Daring charming
  • Duchess swam
  • Lizzie hearts
  • C.A cupid
  • cedar wood
  • cerise hood
  • hunter huntsman
  • kitty Cheshire
  • Maderline hatter
  • sparrow hood

Chapter 1: horror of the past Edit


Promotional images Edit

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