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Welcome to the Ever After High Fandom Wikia.

Here, fans of the franchise can post their original characters, fanfiction and fanart, interact with other fans and show off their creativity.

Happy rewriting, authors of your own story!

If this is your first time here, please read our guides before proceeding.

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Character of the Month

As the Character of August, Griselle Damgaard, daughter of the Ugly Duckling, is here to crush conventional, Eurocentric beauty standards… while being crushed by angst and cynicism herself. To take up the role of “Andersen’s self insert” is difficult enough, and even more so when there are other problems in her midst. Nevertheless, Griselle’s determinism is a stoic reminder for us to find our balance, and to find our beauty, in life.

Ship of the Month
You can't sit with us

One True Pair? How about One True Posse? The Swan Squad are more than Duchess’ backup dance crew, they’re a vibrant squad here slay, sashay, and dance the night away. Behind their coordinated moves and witticisms, each swan maiden carries their own spirited personalities and attitudes. If you’re looking to steal swan maiden cloaks, this isn’t the crowd you wanna mess with.


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