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Welcome to the Ever After Fandom Wiki, where fans of the Monster High spin-off can edit pages, post their original characters and fanfiction, and show off their creativity! While editing and creating pages in this Wikia, please use correct and readable grammar.

Happy rewriting, authors of your own story!

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CandanceLognerFanArt CharlxubeFanArt
Candance is a princess with a reputation of lies and slander, and a heart of integrity and truth. Despite speaking her mind, Candance's reputation makes it hard for her to be trusted, causing plenty of problems for the princess.

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Charlxube wins the Wikia's heart for December's SOTM. The next Duchess' cook from Through the Looking Glass, and the next Maid Maleen is an unexpected and entertaining duo, but they have nonetheless ignited the shipping fire of the Wikians.

Meet CC and Alxube!


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