evelyn eve is the daughter of king arthur from the story king arthur. she was created by unicornhera6



evelyn is very kind and caring,but has a side in which she is very spoiled and wants everything and whats best for herself.she is very popular and is social.she is often mean to ocean ursala and when evelyn always see's her she always makes fun of her tentecles and makes her fall.she use to be mean to apple white but now has better feelings towards her.


evelyn has pale skin and light blue eyes.she has black hair that is short. she is 5 ft 5 in tall

Fairy TaleEdit

evelyn's story is king arthur. in the story he is a king of a lengendary kingdom.



evelyn's parents are queen qunivere and king arthur.she has 8 younger brothers Charles,Aiden,William,Darrock,Cullen,James,Alexander, and Aaron. she also has two elder sisters Dove,and Julia.


evelyn is friends with briar beauty and sapphire stone.



evelyn wears a pink rose in her hair with a purple opal in the middle of it.she has  purple opal earrings and a purple opal necklace.her dress has on the sholders sleeves and the top part of dress has black lace. the bottam part of her dress is a pink,red,and black skirt with a ribbon on it.

Legacy Day Edit



i want what i want and i want it now

i'm alway's right

do what i say

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