I pledge to turn on my family, become more and more powerful, and reconcile with my family.

-Evangelia, The Tale of Legacy Day

Parent Story

Arthurian Legends







Secret Heart's Desire

To become even more powerful than my mother is.

My "Magic" Touch

I'm an enchantress.

Oh "Curses!" Moments

When I accidentally spell someone. -In the Background- "OW!"

-In the Foreground- "Oops! Sorry, Crystal!" See what I mean?

Favorite Subject


Least Favorite Subject

Cooking Class-ic (I'm just no good at it.)

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Evangelia is somewhat envious of anyone who is better than her, but she tries to speak out about it as little as she can. When she does, it usallyy turns into something bad, so she tries to keep as quiet as she can. She is also forgiving, especially of her friends. No matter what they do, she can forgive them rather quickly. She is kind and powerful as well, and that tends to make her a little bit too helpful sometimes. Whenever she does something to hurt someone, she usually ends up going out of her way to repay them.

Appearance Edit

Evangelia has wavy red hair (as in Merida wavy) and hazel eyes. She usually just wears her hair down, but for Grimmnastics, she pulls it back in a sloppy ponytail. Her eyes are unnaturally big, which gives her an image of innocence, as she is trying for.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Mother: Morgan Le Fay

Best Friends Forever After Edit

Alida, Cashlin, and Crystal

Pet Edit

I have a baby griffin named Merlin.

Romance Edit

None to tell of.

Outfits Edit

Anything renaissance style.

Basic Edit

Coming Soon!

Legacy Day Edit

Coming Soon!

Getting Fairest Edit

Coming Soon!

Quotes Edit

  • "Sometimes I wonder if I'm bipolar…" -Evangelia, Random episode
  • "Kindness is not just an action, Crystal. It's a way of life." -Evangelia, Random episode
  • "Magic is my life, and my life is magic." -Evangelia, The Tale of Legacy Day

Gallery Edit

Coming Soon!

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