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Euphemia Erzähler

Euphemia Erzähler is a 2014-introduced side character created by Arcus^^ Rainbow small. Euphemia is the daughter of a Female Narrator who narrated quite a number of Charles Perrault's Tales. With great vibes and a number of stories to tell, a day with Euphemia never seems to be dull with her around.


Euphemia Erzähler is a vibrant and very effervescent person. She likes staying in the sidelines often observing people and imagining the possibilities of what may happen next . She often thinks out of the box and does like to think of things that are impossible. Euphemia is also a very good poet often breaking out into a quatrain to lighten moods or just for the heck of it.She loves playing with words and adores re-envisioning things to a better version of it. She loves reading and speaking her mind out even though the time may not be best. A very excellent public speaker, Euphemia is an aspiring journalist and critic often doing reviews of movies and restaurants.


Euphemia is a petite girl of small frame. She possesses large green eyes and dark curly jaw length hair. She has olive skin, freckles all over her face and body, and full lips.

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