Ever After High™ - Raven's Tale The Story of a Rebel08:29

Ever After High™ - Raven's Tale The Story of a Rebel

Find out the story of Ester's group.

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Ester in her Legency Day outfit.

Ester Scrooge is the daughter of Ebanezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. Ester is a Rebel. Even when she's bothered by holiday joy, she doesn't want to destroy it. She is owned by Moomoomoon.


Mandy Siegfried would play her voice.



Ester is known for kindness, and her father is not proud of it.She seems to hate modern technolagy, and seems to throw a screaming fit saying,"Why dosen't my time have this! You have fun at home! What about me?!" Then Ginny has to come and calm her down. She hates giving , and dosen't like presents. 


Ester has frizzy gray hair, fair skin, blue eyes, and no lipstick. She tends to wear a raggady dress.


Ester has a really nice friend named Ginny Gothal, who is also her roomate. She hopes for a pet.


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