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Quotation1 The people who aren't afraid of death are foolish, for my mother comes for everyone one day... Quotation2
Eris Bellona 'Bell' Morrigan

Eris Bellona 'Bell' Morrigan is a 2015-introduced and all around character. The morbid and somewhat bloodthirsty daughter of the Morrigan, she longs for people to fear the family name once more. Determined to make her mother proud and to keep the Celtic myths alive, she is regarded as a very dangerous girl, one that will stop at nothing to take what she wants.


What is Bell like?

Bell is associated with many traits, most of them not good ones. She is known for her bloodlust that she barely keeps under control, her manipulative nature, stealing credit from others and more things that truly define her. But, who is Bell Morrigan?

Bell is a ruthless person, one that storms through life, talons clawing at whoever gets in her way. While she never really tries to be cruel, per say, messing with her generally isn't viewed as a good idea. Bell isn't the type of person to pass off insults as a 'joke' or 'mistake'. If she is upset by someone, she will gladly fight them to get over it.

Bell loves fighting, since it quenches her bloodlust, something she has a hard time controlling. Brawling with people actually makes her healthier and calms her down, as opposed to quietly talking things out. She thrives during conflict, gaining power during times of war.

Morbid to a fault, Bell is unaffected by death. After all, not only is the Morrigan a goddess of death, but Bell has been alive for 16 millenniums. Nothing really fazes her anymore. Because of this mentality, she often blatantly talks about death, unconcerned with how uncomfortable this can make people.

Cunning, Bell sees the world as one big chessboard and mundane folk as pawns. Enjoying the art of manipulation, she loves persuading people to go down the wrong path, corrupting them utterly. Only the most special people in her eyes are viewed as anything more than pawns.

Adapatable, she can change at the drop of the hat, conforming to fit in if she needs to. Elusive, if Bell does not want to be found, she won't be. Talented at vanishing in a crowd, when she craves solitude, she gets it, no questions asked. Because of this, not only can finding her prove to be a challenge, but she is often regarded as a loner because of this behavior.

Despite the negative stigma that follows her and her undesirable nature, Bell can be a wonderful ally if she supports a cause, lending advice to the person that requires it. True to form, she finds her advice to be incredibly easy, not only to think of, but to execute, no matter what complex it may be. However, if someone struggles to understand or implement it properly, she'll assist them eagerly.

However, this helpful state of affairs never lasts for long. Once the battle has been won, she abandons the victors, only offering a quick word of congratulations before departing, becoming the unusual crow she is once more. Because of this, actually having her support for long periods of time is peculiar and means she actually enjoys your company.

When it comes to forming relationships, Bell isn't exactly the type you should interact with if you desire true companionship.

Bell isn't the type to have an affinity with animals since she judges them based on practical purpose and most have no use for her. While many avian creatures are drawn to her, other animals are typically not friends with Bell. Bell doesn't really mind this, only favoring the eel, cow and crow. The eel because of its evasive nature, the cow because it produces milk, which she views as a miracle substance and the crow, her brethren.

Bell has a disturbing interest in destruction, war and otherwise violent acts. Tearing things apart is her speciality and she takes pride in her ability to irrevocably shatter what she wants to shatter. Being cryptic is yet another thing she enjoys, simply because she thrives off of the chaotic confusion she produces.

When she loses her temper, the result is not very pretty. Not only does Bell possess no dignity at this point, she morphs into Goddess Mode, which isn't very smart for anyone to push her into. In this state, she will go to any length to 'correct' the person and fix their wrongdoings... In a violent, murderous way.

Bell usually takes credit for the accomplishments of others. While she is perfectly intelligent and is capable of working off her own merits, she enjoys messing with people's dreams, watching the sparks in their eyes die as she casually steals their glory.

Intelligent, Bell typically excels in all her classes that require academic effort. On quiet days, you can often find her in a tree, reading a book that seems too heavy for her to carry. While Bell is prideful when it comes to her intellectual talents, she tries not to be too overconfident, aware that her grades can change at any moment.

History doesn't really interest Bell. Seeing as how she lived through a lot of the periods that historians tend to write about and study, she doesn't view the subject as anything interesting. Because of this, she's a goldmine for how Arcadia has changed over the centuries.

Bell has a sharp memory, being able to recall events in the distant past. She never forgets a face and never forgets her grudges either. Because of this, getting on her bad side is not advised. She makes plans for revenge long into the future, plotting out every step needed to satisfy her grudge.

Bell is very confident in herself. She knows what she can do and she is acutely aware of her limitations. While Bell can be impulsive at times, she is usually a good gauge on how a fight will go. Still, her impulsivity can get the best of her, but only if she isn't aware that she's placing herself into a difficult position.

Bell hates being forgotten. She has always wanted to make an impact on the world, but people have always ignored her achievements or have attributed them to someone else. Bell wants to make a name for herself and won't be taking no for an answer.

To sum this girl up, Bell is not the most friendly of souls and is prone to causing trouble, but ultimately she is someone that could be nice to be around... if she doesn't kill you first. A complex person and one that follows her own rules, Bell is never the girl you think she is. But, that's normal for this immortal crow.

Quotation1 Remember me for centuries.. Quotation2
Bell, the one who was forgotten

What does Bell like to do?

Quotation1 Things I like to do? Be myself: there ain't no one better at being me than me. Quotation2
Bell, avoiding the subject of hobbies seamlessly

Bell has a multitude of hobbies that she's grown fond of over the centuries: from chess to singing, though it doesn't mean she's talented at some of them.

Bell views the world as one big chessboard, so it makes perfect sense that she enjoys the sport. Currently, she is the chess champion at Ever After High, due to her talent in strategy. Acutely aware of the possible moves her opponents can make, she weaves a web with her movements, pressing even the hardiest players to the brink of desperation.

Another thing she enjoys is singing. However, Bell is horrible at it. Her voice sounds like a chaotic cacophony of voices mixed with animalistic cries that are best summed up as screeching. Naturally, she doesn't realize this. Incidentally, she communicates with her mother using this language.

Gardening is yet another one of her passions that falls flat. Whenever she tries to tend to flowers, they wilt. Fruits and vegetables rot at her touch. Trees wither under her vigilant gaze. Because of all these things, she is no longer allowed in the school garden.

Art is something Bell actually excels at, much to people's surprise. Because of the thousands of years she's had to practice, she is very talented when it comes to any art form. Painting, sketching, photography, you name it! The ironic part is that she hardly ever does art. She finds it to be boring after all this time. She's only invested in the art of animation nowadays.

What does Bell look like?

Quotation1 If you're bad to the bone like me, you better look the damn part! Quotation2
Bell, being confident in herself


Bell's Family

Father (Undiscovered)

Quotation1 Nice talking to you, Dad! Ok, love ya too, bye! Quotation2
Bell, chatting with her father

Bell has never seen her father's face, but that hasn't prevented them from having an extremely close bond. They've been exchanging various forms of communication for years, always making the valiant effort to stay in touch.

Bell has no clue as to who her father truly is, but she is perfectly comfortable with that, since her mother has promised to reveal his identity on her birthday, once she turns 16 centuries old. Because of this, Bell has become more excited than ever for this birthday, for her greatest gift will be learning who her father really is.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Bell's mother and father are still in a committed relationship, sending each other gifts frequently. 

Unfortunately for Bell, her father has gone missing, which interfered with her learning the truth about her father, much to Bell's horror and sadness.

Note: Her father is not a death god, as many suspect, but is in fact Chronos, the immortal guardian of the Clocktower. He recently got absorbed into the time stream, which is why he hasn't contacted his wife or his kids.

Mother (The Morrigan)

Quotation1 YOU'RE THE EEL! Quotation2

From their interactions, one might infer that the two don't like each other because of their constant physical and verbal fights, but in truth, they just view it as a friendly sort of banter.


Ananke Gear (Secret Sister)

TBA when I develop my other myth OCs

Bell's Friends

Bell's Pets

Bell's Acquaintances

Bell's Enemies

Dean Talis

Huli Jing (She Hulk)

Bell's Romantic Life

In the past, the mere mention of romance was enough to make Bell wilt. After all, her painful past with the tempestuous deity-in-training Dean Talis made it hard for her to heal from the scars left on her heart. Eventually, romance made Bell incredibly bitter towards the world, turning her into the cynical, cruel girl we all know and love.

However, recently, a light has entered her life and Bell doesn't seem willing to let go of it.

Étoile Cosmique (Future Girlfriend)

TBA when Lucius and I finally finish planning it out


  • Bell loves milk, but only the undead milk from her cow, Daisy. She would do anything for milk.
  • Calling her Eris (unless you're her mother) is pretty much a death sentence.
  • Bell tends to treat negative things with laughter, simply because she finds things like death and illness to be amusing or 'no big deal'.
  • Calling her a half mortal is a very idiotic thing to do, seeing as how Bell knows her father is a god and is just away, doing his job. Implying that her father is or was human is false and she enjoys correcting these mistakes... painfully.
  • Her birthday is November 1st like Quinn. Hmm... Coincidence?
  • She is currently 16,000 years old!


(AN: All her songs are in Nightcore. One because I love Nightcore and two because she loves it too~))

Centuries (Fall Out Boy~ This is Bell's theme song! Not only is she immortal, but she longs to be remembered and intends to show the world why they never should have forgotten her.

Take a Hint (Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies)~ Yeah, Bell detests players, ever since Dean rolled around with her sweet words and friendly demeanor, things that turned out to be just another lie. Who's Dean? You'll find out soon enough...



  • A lot of the details about Bell, from her name to her love of milk was made up in the chat.