Quotation1 And how does one become a folklore nerd?' The Lovely Prince asked Endeavory. 'It's quite simple,' she replied. 'One day, you must begin to read. And then never stop. Quotation2

I'm a Canadian girl who loves the rain and hates the snow. My favourite character from Ever After High is probably Cerise Hood, but I have some serious fondness for Sparrow and Duchess. I got into the dolls because of a coincidence and a Toys R Us sale, and found the fandom by accident.

Original Characters Edit

Willie Evenstar - Next Queen of the Wilis

Heins Drosselmeyer - Son of The Nutcracker's Drosselmeyer

Kiko Shade - Daughter of Keikobad

Springheel Jack Jr. - Son of Springheel Jack

Reynie - Daughter of Reynard the Fox

Nemesis Thorne - Daughter of the Enchantress

Stories Edit

Well, I was going to write a bunch of fics... but then something amazing happened! This month, I've been selling original fiction to magazines! For actual money! So my writing time is devoted to that, but I'm still available to proof read and help out with other people's stuff. And I'd like to keep my art skills sharp.

Art Edit

I'm currently experimenting with the EAH style (in varying degrees of likeness to the Monster High and Bratz style) and melding it with my chief artistic inspiration: Arthur Rackham. In order to do this, I colour under my pencil shading to make shadows on otherwise bold linework. Some people think it looks dingy. That's probably exacerbated by my being too broke to buy a scanner. All of my art is photographed with my cheap camera and digitally coloured for the Rackham effect.

If you would like to request artwork, please feel free to ask at any time!

Community Projects Edit

I'm the evil mastermind behind turning our weaknesses into strengths and our unloved OC's into superstars. It's all part of my sinister plan to have us all be kind and helpful, with wonderful characters that everybody can share.

You now know the dark truth. I am a mad scientist who believes that anything can be made wonderful. Even troll OC's or Disney OC's, or whatever.

Check out these pages and see if you have any sparkling genius to add.

Bella Rose

Lilly West

Sarah Beau Gentille

Dalia Facillier

And let me know if you see any OC's begging to become community projects, because I would like to be the fairy godmother of quality. (It's selfish.)

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