Quotation1 Is that an emerald? And a ruby? Well, I'll hold those for you… Quotation2
Emerald looking through Apple White's jewelry chest to help her get fairest.

Emerald Wizard is the daughter of the Wizard Of Oz.

Character Edit


Emerald is generally sweet. She tends to help a little too much. Emerald is obsessed with gems, especially emeralds, and can make jewelry. The Wizard's daughter is social, and has a MyChapter, Spellbook, Instagrimm, and much more social media accounts. She is half comedian. Some days her jokes are hilarious, some days they are not. (There's no in between.)


Emerald has long emerald-green hair that she keeps in a French braid.

Fairy taleEdit

The Wonderful Wizard Of OzEdit

To summarize, a girl comes to a weird land called Oz.

How does Emerald fit into it?Edit

Emerald's father was lonely, and married a woman from Nebraska, fulfilling his destiny, then traveled back to Ever After and had a child, Emerald.



Emerald's father is the Wizard of Oz, and her mother is an unknown woman from Nebraska.


Emerald is best friends with Marissa Mirror. She is on good terms with Apple White, and most Royals. She is friends with most Wonderlandians and Ozites. Emerald is also very good friends with Jaycie Hook, just like Marissa, but Marissa is her number one BFFA, with Jaycie in a close second.


Emerald has a pet unicorn named Spella.


Emerald has a crush on Hunter, but he is in a relationship with Ashlynn Ella. They are good friends, though.



Emerald wears an emerald-green shirt with short, mint green, puffy sleeves with a lace trim, also mint green. She wears a necklace with an emerald. Her skirt is emerald-green, and she has mint green tights. Her high heels are mint green and emerald-green with stripes.

Legacy DayEdit

Emerald wears a long, flowing emerald-green dress with a train. It is shorter in the front, revealing mint green tights. She has the same shoes and necklace as her Basic.

Getting Fairest Edit

Emerald wears a green robe and green slippers.


  • If Emerald had a theme song, it would be Emerald City by The Seekers.


"Rubies and diamonds and jewels, oh my!"

"North is the home of the Gillikin Country, South is the home of the Quadling Country, East is the home of the Munchkin Country, and West is the home of the Winkie Country. I've had that memorized since I learned to walk."

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  • Emerald's birthday is September 4th.


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