Quotation1 The strike of light can strike the darkness. Quotation2
Elizabeth Light at "Dark against Light"

Elizabeth Light is the daughter of The Good Witch of the South from the fairytale Wizard of Oz.


Elizabeth has a cowgirl-like accent. So she would be voiced by Ashleigh Ball, the voice actress of AJ from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.



She is very kind, brave, generous, honest and natural. She always wants to see her dark side, but she is just very kind.


She is fair-skinned. Her hair is messy, somewhat like Selina's hairdo. More coming soon...



Her mother is The Good Witch of the South, preferred as Glinda. Her aunts are the Wicked Witches and The Good Witch of the North. Veronica is seen as her cousin.


Elizabeth is seen to be hanging out with Glace and Gianne. Veronica is her arch nemesis in her destiny, but she still wants to sign the book.


She has a pet Siberian Husky, named Eliza and a pet baby Pegasus, named Beth. (Combine her pet's names: Elizabeth)


Jazz Beanstalk is her current boyfriend.

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