Elizabeth Ice is the daughter of the snow queen from the fairytale of the same name .She is step twins with Katherine Summers.She is a rebel because she doesn't want to kidnap the future Kai.In my doll series she is the tritagonist


Parent's story: The snow queen

Roommate: Katherine Summers

Alignment : Rebels

Secret hearts desire: To control my powers

My magic touch: I have ice and snow powers they are pretty hard to control

Storybook romance status: I am dating Braydon Thief

Oh curses moment: When my powers get out of control

Favorite subject : Magicology it helps me control my powers

Least favorite subject : Kingdom management the villagers hate me

Best friends forever after: Katherine Summers

How does Elizabeth fit : After Kai and Greta escaped the snow queen got upset so she created a child which she named Elizabeth Ice .The villagers killed the snow queen for kidnapping Kai and Elizabeth was adopted by Greta .Katherine and Elizabeth had been friends ever since

Personality: She has flawless manners.She is on the shy side because of her powers.She is hardworking and nice .She is overprotective over her step twin. She is also a worrywart .

Appearance : She has hazel eyes and shoulder length platinum blonde hair.She is mostly pale except for her eyes.Her eyes are not pale at all.The only time she wears makeup is for special occasions .

Basic wear: She wears a white shirt with a triangle shape strip of blue on it.Her skirt at first glance may look like a simple blue skirt .If someone looks closely they can see white snowflakes designs .She used to have a perfectly white outfit but she froze her dress.The remains of her shirt were triangle shaped and the remaining white on her skirt were tiny snowflakes designs .Her shoes are simple ice blue flats.

Quotes: " I will not kidnap you "

          Elizabeth talking to Steven Cursed

Trivia: Like Melody Waves she can communicate to her mother through her head.

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