Effie Napua is the daughter of The Talking Flowers from the stories Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.



Effie is a very talkative girl since she is the daughter of the talking flowers. She gets in trouble a lot but the teachers don't send her to HeadMaster Grimm's office since they understand that she can't stop talking since its her destiny. Effie can be annoying from her talking. She talks every second of everyday. Effie has a lot of energy to keep talking. She can gossip but when she knows its a super secret that no one else should know but her, then she is super trust worthy.


Effie has a mixed colored of hair since she is born from different kinds of flowers. Her eyes are green to represent the flower leaves and her flower stem. Effie can make her stay one color, and that time is only during the Summer where she has enough energy to do it. Effie usually wears jewelry with flowers on it. Ex. Summer:A flower leis.

Fairytale-Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found ThereEdit



Effie has a weird relationship with her family since she was born from flowers, she can talk to flowers. No one can hear the flowers but Effie and people think she's weird since she just talks to the flowers. Effie is scared to hurt flowers but since she was born from flowers she is super light, and she could never gain weight. All Effie and her family do are talk and sing, so they don't reslly have a strong relationship.


Effie is mostly friends with the Wonderlandians like Kitty Chesire, Guenevere Galatea, and Acis White-Knight. She is BFFA with Kitty Chesire and Guenevere Galatea.


Effie has a pet bird named Fluer. She met Fluer while she was singing with her family. Fleur was the only bird that Effie met that wouldn't eat seeds and Effie knew Fluer was special.


Effie doesn't have any enemies.


Effie has no crush and has no relationship with any boy. But boys are attracted to her colorful hair or her appearance, the form of her body since she can't gain weight, and her singing.



  • Effie's Birthday is on March 20, 1999
  • Effie might change like her personality might change.
  • Effie is owned and created by CreativeMadness.

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