The elder sister of Westlee Wicked, Easton has very little to look forward to in life, and now in her final year at Ever After High, it's her last chance to make a change, or face death by house.


Name: Easton Wicked

Age: 16

D.O.B: October 9th

Sex: Female

Parents Story: The Wicked witch of the West (will become Witch of the East)

Roommate: Aria Destler 

Secrets hearts desire: To not have a house land on me? That or be the best ruler of the Munchkins I can be until then.

My “magic” touch: You mean besides my magic? Well I guess the ability to give life to inanimate objects, such as Tin-men.

Storybook romance status: None so far

“Oh curses!” moment: I have a paralysing fear of storms, which is totally understandable when I’m destined to have a house land on me from one!

Favourite subject: Kingdom Management, I want to be someone the Munchkins will miss when I’m gone!

Least favourite subject: Crownculus, just hate numbers!

Best friends forever after: Well I feel like I can only confide in Aria, but I’m friendly with my classmates.

Favourite food: Blueberry tarts with custard

Star sign: Libra

Animal companion: Nimmie Amee, my baby Kalidah.


Easton has no problem with being the terror of the East of Oz, she has no problem with scaring the munchkins of Oz into a stupor. What she has got a problem with is her only claim to fame is hacking a hapless Munchkin to pieces before having a shack land on her (and having her body looted before it's even cold). If she has to die, then she's going to leave a mark on the pages weather its in the script or not. Easton's look is always changing to whatever will catch anyone's eye and she's the first to pull stunts in school. Being destined to be evil, Headmaster Grimm does not know weather he should punish or reward her disruptive behaviour.

How do you do roommate by illegalsympathy-d6tpi3v

Easton and her roommate Aria Destler, the Phantom of the Opera

Parent's storyEdit

Easton's mother is the Wicked Witch of the West, but is destined to follow in the footsteps of the Wicked Witch of the East. Who has only ammounted to enchanting an axe to slice a munchkin in to pieces and be turned into the Tin-Man, then dying. That's it. She's never mentioned again, not even her fableous shoes.


  • Her being sister's with Westlee is a refference to the MGM Wizard of Oz movie which started the trend of them bieng related, in the books, there is no such relation.
  • Her animal companion is a kalidah, a creature indiginous to Oz, it has the head of a tiger and a body of a bear.
  • She's actually a pretty copetant witch and is top of her Hexenomic's class.

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