Quotation1 "Seriously, My density is to be the next Ugly duckling! Being a rebel is fine!' Quotation2

Duckie Beak is the 16, 17, or 18, year old daughter of the ugly duckling and Penny the swan. Duckie is part of the popular crowd, so she can be a bit mean, but mostly nice. She is friends with her roommate, Eurydice Dove, Lessa Shoes, and 995, more people. Although Duckie is a swan, some people mistake to be a duck. Duckie is on the Rebel Side, because she does not want to be the next Ugly duckling

Character Edit

Personally Edit

Duckie can be a bit mean, but mostly nice. She helps people out, at times they need help. Also Duckie is a fashionista. She believes that she has the best fashions in The whole Ever After High fandom. Cloths that have style in them, but she does not go over the limit. She can also could be sassy, at sometimes, but mostly she get sassy because people are being rude to her. So she is rarely mean.


Duckie has long white hair tied into a pony tail, and wears a sexy short green skirt, and a blue bathing suit. She wears 4 inch high heels, has a orange beak, and blue prints around her eyes. Some rumors around the school tell that she is "Ugly," and Duckie hates that very much, because she is not!

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