Secret Heart's Desire:To have a prince that won't mistake me for a lady in waiting.

My "Magic" Touch:I can make people's hats fall off.Yes, I know it sounds lame, but I can do it.

Storybook Romance Status: I'm still looking for the prince that won't mistake me for a lady in waiting.

My "Oh, Curses" Moment: When I was young, my mom put a curse on me so that if a didn't talk to her every time a pass a day without talking to her, all of my hexellent dresses turn to rags.

Favorite Subject: Che-mythstry, I love seeing things be made into other things.

Least Favorite Subject:Grimm-mastics,I wasn't the one who chased the hat I magically took off heads, that was the hat owners job.

First day at school. Now strolling village of bookend. Where is the Mad Hatter's Tea Shop?

Waiting for lunch to start, I'm on top of a tree now. Who knew that it smells so much better up here than down there.

nobody appreciates a good prank nowadays:?(

I have officially started a technique for auditions. I call it the 'Duck Way'. Let's just say I stuffed ham down my throat in between song intervals.

when will I get my drum order in? I'm just waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

To clear the air on a rumor, I don't like geese. I never have. They are loud and gross, so I chose ducks. Thank you world, Duck out!

True Hearts day is coming. Halp. I need a heart from someone. Please?

I got a heart! But I don't know who gave it to me. If it was meant for Apple, don't tell me because I'm all happy about my lovableness.

blogging in class. I'm cool now, right?

trying a new color for my word bubble. Never mind, it looks horrible, doesn't it?

Duckindayearbook meh yearbook pic. Enjoy

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