Finish 'em off!-Drake Murphy

Drake Murphy is the son of Black Murphy (Black Murphy is a member Captain Hook's crew), from Peter Pan.


Ok, so as you may know...In Drake's bio it did NOT say who he exactly likes or any of his past crushes. So...I'm going to tell you. Ok so let's start with his past girlfriends and such and then go to his current crushes and such (1 being the first, 11 being the most current):

1. Paige Pan (ex-girlfriend who he still has a bit of a crush on)

2. Kristina Midas (ex-girlfriend)

3. Gabriella Child (Ex-crush)

4. Bella Mother (ex-girlfriend)

5. Turquoise Mermaid (ex-crush)

6. Delancey Gothel (ex-girlfriend)

7. Emerald-Sapphire Daughter (ex-girlfriend)

8. Daniella "Danny" Scourie (ex-girlfriend)

9. Holly O'Hair (ex-crush)

10. Poppy O'Hair (ex-girlfriend)

11. Briar Beauty (ex-girlfriend

12. Contessa Mason (ex-girlfriend)

13. Theodora Mullins (ex-crush)

14. Delilah Lake (ex-girlfriend)

15. Cherry Hood (a current crush)

16. Carly Hood (a current crush)


His portrayer would have to be.....Robbie Kay! Why? Ok, so first of all he's awesome and looks a LOT like Drake.

Mr Robbie Kay

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