Quotation1 I NEED HEALING Quotation2
Draculaura.Clawd or her full name Codie Kylle Cabualan Tangonan but she preffer Kyla than her actual name..She is a Trashy Artist and A Weird Fangurll!


  • Her nickname was Kyla
  • She hope that Ed Boon is adding Yandere-chan as DLC.
  • Kyla has two Death Notes.
  • She is an Otaku
  • Her favourite creature in Disney was Hei hei from Moana..

My QoutesEdit

  • "Midori...Stopppp!"
  • "DON'T EAT HEI HEI!!" When Maui attempts to eat the Poor Litle Drumstick



She starting to watch Steven Universe and she had a long-lasting love of Adventure Time..


Codie's favourite webcomic type is fantasy and adventure,DC's favourite is Ava's Demon,Homestuck and Hetalia..


Her Anime will be Diabolik Lovers, Hetalia, Attack on Titan,Tokyo Ghoul, Free Iwatobi Swim Club,Kuroku's Basketball, Brothers Conflict and One Punch Man..


Kyla loves Yandere Simulator, Mystic Messenger,Overwatch,Bendy And The Ink Machine,Team Fortress 2 and Undertale


She is obessed of Vocaloid and Creepypasta..She is interested in Vines..Only two Viners  that she is idolize like Sam and Colby and Thomas Sanders..She is also obessed with Suicide Squad..Especially Harley Quinn..She is interested in Dolls

Characters(EAH OR NON EAH)

Codie's current favourite in EAH is Ginger Breadhouse,Dexter Charming and Kitty Cheshire.In Mystic Messenger, she loved Jumin Han and Zen, In Vocaloid she loves Hatsune Miku, Luka Megurine,, Gumi and Gakupo Camui..And She had many liked characters but this is for now..


Heihei scream00:26

Heihei scream

Kyoukai no Kanata-- Future Star--Full Dance-002:51

Kyoukai no Kanata-- Future Star--Full Dance-0

【MMD Overwatch】Get Low00:45

【MMD Overwatch】Get Low


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