Dorian Charming is the son of Prince Charming and the younger brother of Dexter and Daring Charming. He is a cute boy who loves to help girls and catch them of course. Dorian is a Royal like his borthers since he wants to marry a beautiful gir,he doesn't care if she isn't a princess, Dorian loves girls jus the way they are.

Dorian is owned by CreativeMadness .



Dorian is a sweet,charming,and cute guy who loves to help girls out and he loves to save the damsels in destress. He even saved Jewel Stone once and she kept saying thank you all day. As you can see, Dorian is following his brother's and father's footsteps.One thin Dorian can't do is that he can't ride a horse


Dorian has hazel hair with handsome hazel eyes to match them. He wears light blue clothes with black shoes.

Fairy TaleEdit

Dorian is the son of King Charming. King Charming is the husband of Snow White.



Dorian's family is a charming family 6 siblings. He is the cutest and the youngest of them all. Dorian enjoys spending time with his sisters since he is really weak and he has Aspergers problems so he doesn't like to spend time with his brothers.


Since Dorian has Aspergers problems he doesn't really have many friends but his friend right now is Jewel Stone.


Dorian's only pet is a hawk named Delicious. He met Delicious when he and his sister's were out on a walk and he stumbled across a hawk. They enjoyed each other and Dorian called her Delicious.


Dorian doesn't have any enemies but he is afraid he will stumble across one


Dorian is crushing on this best friend which is really weird to him and Jewel. He really wants to ask her but he is really nervous and shy to ask.

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