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Dinah Raven

Dinah Raven is the daughter of the younger sister from The Seven Ravens. In the destiny conflict, Dinah is secretly a Rebel while publicly taking the side of the Royals. She is mostly happy with her story, but she just wants to add one (fairy important) thing.


Dinah is voiced by Jodie Benson, specifically in the voice of Thumbelina.



Dinah is a fairy adventurous and clever girl! She's great at solving problems and will never turn down the opportunity to solve a puzzle or a mystery. Dinah is also a great cook and loves to make snacks and meals for friends. Dinah is a fairy creative person as well. She quite talented with her hands and loves to craft things from scratch. She keeps a messy room too, and doesn't like cleaning or tidying up. She is guilty of gossiping and talking about what goes on at Ever After High. Dinah doesn't gossip in a malicious way, however, but she's still a fairy nosy person.

She was raised to be polite and courteous, and she's very outgoing and courageous. When she isn't solving mysteries she's daydreaming or painting! She also keeps a diary, which she fills out religiously. She's quite the sucker for romance. She indulges in poetry and fantasies about finding her true love. She is fairly jealous of her classmates who get a happily ever after that involves romance.







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Dinah has bouncy, curly blonde hair. Her bangs curl up and her hair is medium length. Many of her clothes are flow-y, and light. She favors light colors over dark, rich colors and her clothes are often embroidered with red and yellow flowers, or ravens.

Her eyes are brown and her skin is fair. She also wears star shaped earrings and a raven shaped ring. Dinah mostly wears black flats or shoes, which keep with the traditional German dress theme.

Fairy TaleEdit

How the Story GoesEdit

Main Article: The Seven Ravens

A man has seven sons and longs for a daughter. When one is finally born she is sickly, and the father sends his sons to fetch water from a healing spring.

The boys end up dropping the water. Their father believes they were just playing when they don't return home so he curses them and they all turn into ravens. Once the sister is older she goes out to search for her brothers. First she goes to the sun, which is too hot, then the moon which craves human flesh. Finally she goes to the Morning Star. The star helps her by giving her a chicken bone and telling her she will need it to save her brothers.

She finds her brothers at the Glass Mountain but she has lost the chicken bone, so she is forced to chop off her finger and use it as a key. In the mountain a dwarf tells her that her brothers will soon return, so in the meantime she eats and drinks their food. She also leaves a ring from home in the last cup.

When her brothers return she hides, and they wonder who has taken their food. The youngest brother finds the ring, and she reveals herself so they all return home together.

How does Dinah come into it?Edit

Dinah's role in her story will be to save her brothers! Her mother is the youngest sister of the seven brothers. She doesn't have much of a problem with her destiny. She isn't ecstatic about getting her finger cut off, but she is more concerned about her future after ever after. Dinah doesn't want to end up alone, especially since she has a crush on someone at school.

She takes the side of the Royals publicly because she doesn't want to stand out. She also doesn't enjoy conflict. Dinah hopes she'll grow out of it and just accept her fairy tale, but the more time she spends at the school the more she wants to break away from her fairy tale ending.



Dinah comes from a very large family and everyone is close and family oriented. However, because the family is so large and she's so small she has a tendency to be left out or ignored.


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  • Signature
  • Legacy Day
  • Hat-Tastic Party
  • Thronecoming
  • Spring Unsprung
  • Through the Woods
  • School Spirit
  • Way Too Wonderland
  • Heartstruck
  • Royally Ever After
  • Epic Winter
  • Back to School

Class ScheduleEdit

First Period: Arts and Craft

Second Period: Storytelling 101

Third Period: Home Economyths

Fourth Period: Crownculus

Fifth Period: Riddling

Sixth Period: Tall-Tale Studies


  • "Dinah" is the name of biblical Jacob's only daughter. In her story, her mother is also the only daughter.
  • Dinah's outfits are inspired by shifts and nightgowns and traditional German folk costumes.


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Appears InEdit

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