Demi Gale is the daughter of Dorothy Gale, the main protagonist of "The Wizard of Oz".


Demi Gale is just like her mom. Kind, caring and loving. She is also kind to animals especially dogs. Although she can be very angry when she sees her friends being picked on.



Demi's mother is Dorothy Gale. Her father is a farmhand named Luke.


Just like her mom, Demi is a very popular student at Ever After High. Her BFFA's are Carly Lion, Samson Scarecrow, Gilda Goodwitch and Tina Woodman. She is also friends with Apple White, Raven Queen, Cerise Hood, and the rest of the Ever After High students.


Demi isn't interested in anyone right now. She does have a crush on Dexter Charming even though he's in love with Raven Queen.


Demi has a puppy named Toto Jr. who is the son of Toto.


Her only enemies are Wendy Wicked and Duchess Swan.


  • I named her after actress Demi Moore who did the voice of Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Her voice actress would be Grey DeLisle-Griffin who voiced Dorothy Gale in "Tom and Jerry in The Wizard of Oz".

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