Quotation1 Apple gets all the attention and I get nothing! What am I chopped liver? Quotation2

Della White is the daughter of Snow White, and Apple White's Sister. She is a little younger than Apple, so because of this, Apple gets the Snow White density, and Della does not. But Della likes that, cause she does not want to be the next Snow White. She is on the Roybel Side because she does not find Snow White density, as stunning, but then she is fairy tale royally.



Della is very jealous of her sister Apple White, over almost everything. Because of this, she has very amount of anger issues over her sister, and things that get her mad. So Apple and Della do NOT get along, in fact, Della tries to ignore Apple as much as possible. But besides her anger issues, she is a sweet girl, a bit tomboyish, and a girl who is looking for a density, since Apple got the Snow White, density, because she is a little older. (This makes them kinda like Poppy O'Hair, and Holly O'Hair.)


Della has Short, dirty blond hair, and paleish blue eyes. She wears back leggings and a ugly dress.

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