Delicia charming is the Daughter of King Charming and the sister of Dorian Charming,Dexter Charming,Darling Charming,and Daring Charming. She is the third eldest. Delicia is a quiet and cute girl who is adored by all. She is a Royal since she wants to find her prince who will love her for her personality not her apperance.



Delicia and shy and quiet but when she's with her two BFFAs Isold Snow and Snowy Snowdrop she is so  happy and she isn't shy at all! She just is shy when she is around many people or in front of people.


Delicia is the only one in her family that has Black hair so she tries put brown streaks in her hair but they don't show so she doesn't mind if her hair is black. Her hair is wavy and she has a small tiara on her head.

Fairytale-Snow White And The Seven DwarfsEdit




Delicia has a good relationship with her 6 siblings. She also has a good relationship with her father.


Delicia has a super good relationship with her besties and she thinks of her friends as her own second family.


Delicia has a pet horse named Kevay.

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