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Life SummaryEdit

DayandNight a.k.a Name-isn't-important-for-online is shy in reallife. She likes to read teen drama books and has a CREATIVE MIND SET. She's in her early teens and was the only child for 12 years.

Original CharactersEdit

  • Ruby Dance (Daugther of Karen in The Red Shoes) - Royal
  • Bridgette Troll (Daugther of The Troll in Three Billy Goat Gruff) - Royal
  • Lady Shoe (Daugther of Old Woman in There was an Old Woman Who lived in a Shoe) - Rebel
  • Panther Rose (Daugther of Tiger Lily in Peter Pan) - Rebel
  • Snowden Man (Son of The Snowman in The Snowman) - Netural

Fanfics, Mirror Blogs, and DiariesEdit

No Spoilers for you guys


Not Yet

My favourite charactersEdit

  • Maddie - She's like EG Pinkie Pie but less pink.
  • Hopper - Why Not?

I ship...Edit

(Warning: Some of these characters are Characters, who has trademarks)

  1. LizziexAllistair or BunnyxAllistair
  2. RavenxDaring
  3. HopperxDarling


It's gonna be too long, so maybe another day

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